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Company introduction:

Nanjing Jinghuanre Metallurgy Engineering Co., ltd is one company making the complete set of the metallurgical equipment and specializing in energy-saving emission-reducing technology and engineering implementation services. Its business involves metallurgy, machinery, nonferrous metals, environmental protection, coal gasification and other industries. Services provided include technology R&D, engineering consultation, engineering design, equipment manufacture, engineering construction, commission and EPC project.


l  Company founder and primary technicians who had worked for one A-class metallurgy design institute have extensive experience of designing. We have a strong technical team comprising of more than 60 professional designers who are familiar with metallurgy, power generation and environment conservation and more than 100 experienced operators.

We have technical exports who are very professional in sintering, melting, rolling, furnaces-making, electrical automation, gas and civil engineering and so on; and we have 40 engineers including professor senior engineers, senior engineers and general engineers and 20 general designer. R&D center is led by the famous British professor YLDING with 10 graduate students for special studies.

l  Since founded in 2002, we always cooperate with the private metallurgy enterprise in terms of the technical service and general contracting (EPC) service, and have won customers’ trust and respect with our sincere practical work style, high cost performance ratio and subsequent excellent services. We are trusted by many private enterprises due to our sincere practical work style, cost-effective product and considerate after-sales service; as well as some government companies, such as Baosteel and China Guodian, so we have long term cooperation with them.

l  The company has its own manufacturing factory so that can ensure reliability and controllability of equipment. We also have many R&D centers and many laboratories, doing experimental study of various types for engineering problems,
, and resultantly we have developed achievements several frontier technology areas. We have a reliable way of technical research and development and testing insurance.



The Main Project Type, Typical Performance and Technical Characteristics

Various Types Of Metallurgical Furnace Kiln And Equipment:


Joint projects:
1.Nanjing Steel Company: Iron and steel melting and steel rolling project
2 Fujian Wu Hang Stainless Steel Products Company: Steel mill project
3 Jiang Su Xixing Steel Compay: Sintering iron steel melting & rolling project
4 Nanjing Liuhe Steel Company: Rolling Project
5 Nanjing rolling mill Plant: Steel rolling project
6 Shandong ZhengJin Iron Steel Works: Roiing Engineering Project
7 Anshan ZhengAo Iron and Steel Company: Steel melting- rolling project
8 Iraq company: Melting and rolling project
9 Indonesia PT THE MASTER STEEL MANUFACTORY:  Furnace Engineering

After the reform and development, the advocates of the domestic hot chamber gas furnace by direct combustion are one of the pioneers who advocate the promotion of regenerative heating technology and so nearly 100 various types of domestic and foreign steel rolling heating furnace and heat treatment furnace are built, especially various types of billet heating furnace, steel heat treatment furnace.

Ø  Bao steel 2x260t / h stainless steel slab walking beam furnace (at that time the largest in China)

Ø  Baosteel6x125m stainless steel continuous annealing furnace (at that time the longest in Asia)

Ø  Wu Hang Stainless steel wire scattered high volume on-line continuous hardening furnace, coil ring automatic hardening furnace, holding furnace group (the first set in China)

Ø  Stainless steel billet heating slow cooling furnace pit; Wu Hang scrap preheating kiln; Yun Hai magnesium reduction furnace group.

Metallurgy, Power flue gas desulfurization and Deep purification processing:

Flue gas desulfurization, denitrification, demercuration and WESP deep purification treatment technology in electricity, metallurgy industry are at the leading position in China.

Ø  Guodian group’s desulfurization, denitrationand wet electrostatic precipitator deep purification engineering of nearly 20 more than coal-fired power plant.

Ø  BAO steel SHENGDE stainless steel 3*126m2 sintering machine flue gas desulfurization project (single tower of 2440000m3/h, the most scaled in China)

Ø  FUJIAN hot dirty gas rolling reheating furnace flue gas desulfurization (meet the rolling industry air pollutants emission standard of GB28665-2012, first set  in China).

Active limekiln and pneumatic conveying

 We can make double hearth limekiln(Myers kiln), which is able to use various fuel such as  pure blast furnace gas, mix gas, coal, and blast furnace adding powder mix spray. Pneumatic conveying projects of powder materials are shown as below:

Ø  GUANGXI SHENGNONG 8*600t/d double hearth limekiln project (gas calorific value 800-3000 Kcal/m3 available)

Ø  ANHUI GUOFENG 600t/d coal-fired double hearth limekiln project

Ø  GUANGXI SHENGNONG lime, dolomite powder pneumatic conveying project, max length is 800m.

Energy-saving and emission-reducing technique

Ø  The convertor steel slag stuffy treating and sorting technique

Ø  New technique of variable pressure adsorbing PSA oxygen-making technique (94% purity, 0.3 kwh/m3 power consumption) 




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